Green Oak Pet Memorial Services will treat your pet with the utmost respect throughout the cremation process.

We will personally pick up your companion pet from your home or veterinarian clinic. Your pet is given a tracking identification number and ID tag by Green Oak personnel. The cremation of your pet is tracked by this number throughout the cremation process.

Privacy and individual identities are always respected. We will personally return your pet’s cremated remains to your home or veterinary clinic.

Individual Private Cremation

At Green Oak, an Individual Private Cremation is the only option for your pet. This provides you peace of mind that only your pet’s remains are returned to you. Following the cremation, your pet’s remains will be processed and transferred into the pet urn of your choice. Private cremation fees vary depending upon pet. Please call our office for more details.

Viewing Room

A Viewing Cremation is a Private Cremation in which your family can spend some final moments with your beloved pet in our comfortable Viewing Room, to provide final closure and peace of mind. If this service is right for you please call our office to make arrangements.

State of the Art Facility

At Green Oak Pet Memorials we pride ourselves on being among the elite in the pet loss industry. To achieve this we have created a beautiful, 2100 square foot facility to accommodate most anyone’s needs. From our caring staff and our comforting viewing room, to our wide selection of remembrance products, our facility is sure to help ease your emotions in your time of loss.