About Us

Green Oak Pet Memorials was founded in 2007 by a father and son duo, Jeff and Curt Russell. It is our vision and mission to provide families with a respectful, compassionate, and dignified pet loss service where each pet is treated as if it were our own. Being animal lovers and pet owners ourselves, we truly understand the love and joy a family pet can bring to a person’s life.

Jeff Russell – Jeff is a life-long resident of Southeast Michigan. He is a true animal lover who has cared for many pets throughout his lifetime. Since childhood, he has had 16 cats and 11 dogs, most recently his cat Jaylen. He is a dedicated father not only to his family, but his beloved pets as well. Jeff is also an avid Michigan outdoorsman who enjoys spending time at his cabin in Northern Michigan. In his free time he enjoys watching Red Wings hockey, Tigers baseball, and just relaxing with his family and friends.

Curt Russell – Curt is a 2006 graduate of Western Michigan University where he studied business. Curt has always been a devoted animal lover who realizes the importance of having a pet and the love they can bring into their owners lives. He has had 2 cats and 4 dogs in his lifetime. He currently has a Pug named Louie and a Boxer named Jaxson. Other than being involved with his pets, Curt also plays hockey and golf, enjoys the outdoors, and spending time with his wife, family, and friends.

Louie the Pug & Jaxson the Boxer РThese two furry friends spend most of the work week at the office with us. They are both people lovers who are commonly referred to by many of our grieving families as therapy dogs. Although never trained as therapy dogs, they both provide great love and a sense of compassion to the families who are going through the difficult time of pet loss. When not working, Louie and Jaxson both enjoy playing outside, taking walks, car rides, and of course snuggling on the couch!